New Motor Way signs

Article from Kildare Now on line version 19:28 Sunday 21st of August 2016 If you drive on the M50 then you should probably know what these black and yellow signs mean… Have you spotted these mysterious black and yellow signs placed on roads near the M50? The vulnerability of the Dublin ringroad was exposed recently New Motor Way signs

Looking for work as a driver

From time to time we hear of jobs in the transport industry. Keep an eye on our jobs page to keep up to dates with vacancies available

Driver Training During the Pandemic

It has been confirmed we are essential ???? Training can continue, with extra precautions in place. Some of the changes you will notice when attending one of course courses are: 1 Temperatures of participants checked 2 Participant are required to complete a Covid 19 decloration form (more paperwork… we know you love it) 3 Hand Driver Training During the Pandemic

Reminder of Extension Expiry date

Just a quick reminder – ADR Driver training Certicicates and DGSA certificates that expired between 1st March 2020 and 1st February 2021 have until 28th of February 2021 to renew their qualification under Multilateral Agreement M330

Fantastic News

The CILT & HSA will allow training providers to accept non-Irish driver training certificate holders to refrehser driver training in Ireland. This means that drivers who currently hold non-Irish ADR / HazChem Driver training Certificates can refesh their certificates in Ireland. Unfortunatley this only applies to certificates issued covering the same classes covered in Ireland Fantastic News

DGSA Exam Results

Congratulations to all the new and renewing DGSA’s who received their results this week. This was the second time we have uses Zoom for these courses . We are extremely proud of you all and the excellent exam results you achieved!! They were the first to sit the exam using the 2021 ADR. The next DGSA Exam Results

Online DGSA Training

The results are in for another group of new and renewing DGSA candidates. This group wer trained exclusively on line using Zoom due to the restrictions and challenges created by Covid 19. We receveied glowing feedback from participants at the time but held judgement until th eresults were in; again our candidates have achieved some Online DGSA Training